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the independency helps teams work better with freelancers _

fluid talent is an essential part of the future growth of your business

as organisations move to leaner teams and combine perm staff with external collaborators - designing for effective work with freelancers is critical.

better ways of working with freelancers lowers costs, drivers higher quality output, and supports a sustainable future workforce.

we help teams and freelancers work better together - from auditing and supporting your current alumni and process, to building your own network and activating your members.

some of our recent work _

food - prototyping a collaborative community
{NDA} - a strategy bench for scale
medialab - building an operating system for collaboration
manual of me - tools for working better together
major players - mental health for community members
film and tv charity - what works for community support
NABS - working well with freelancers
freelance friendly - policy development
beentheredonethat - signposting to mental health support
leapers - community development for individuals

working well with fluid talent _

we share regular thoughts and observations on our methodology and what we've learnt. browse all of the articles here.

27 June, 2023

Why working well with freelancers enables the fluid future of work -

15 May, 2023

How to support your freelancers during Mental Health Awareness Week - And why it's not just for this week.

3 March, 2023

What does ChatGPT think about working with freelancers? - Some of the common misconceptions

what we do _

+ audit
+ ambition
+ alumni
+ preboarding
+ process design
+ talent triage
+ better briefing
+ community design
+ community engagement
+ community activation
+ support and signposting

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